Why Should the Switchable PDLC Film be Sealed with Silicon Sealant After Installation?

Mar. 18, 2021

For the switchable PDLC film, after installation, special neutral silicon sealant is required to seal the edge and electrode position, mainly there have the following reasons:

1. Prevent water vapor and other liquids from eroding the polymer and liquid crystal layer in the middle layer of switchable PDLC film;

2. Prevent water vapor and other liquids from eroding the electrode position;

3. Prevent the oxidation of copper strip and silver paste layer;

4. Prevent the edge of the film from separating from the glass due to air entering;

At the same time, the switchable PDLC film has the following requirements for the sealed silica gel:

1. must use neutral silicon sealant;

2. No shrinking for silicon sealant glue when dried;

3. Silicon sealant without organic solvent and Plasticizer material;

We recommend Toshiba 381 or our special silicon sealant;

Other types of silicon sealant need to confirm with the supplier whether they meet the requirements and carry out use test before use;



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