How to avoid bubbles in the process of film installation?

Apr. 01, 2021

Switchable PDLC film is an electronic control privacy protection film product, which can be made into laminated switchable glass and self-adhesive film. The self-adhesive film can be directly pasted on the surface of the existing glass, and the operation is simple;

There are several main ways to prevent the bubble in the process of film sticking;

1. Environmental cleanliness: the air humidity can reach 50% by spraying water to reduce the dust in the air of the environment;

2. Cleaning of glass: clean the surface of glass thoroughly for 3 times with mental scraper and glass cleaner to remove the impurities attached on the surface of glass;

3. Cleaning of the film: clean the surface of the film with alcohol. At the same time, when pasting, let the inner side of the protective film on the self-adhesive surface toward the glass, and do not let the outer side of the protective film toward the glass, so as to prevent the dust on the surface of the protective film from sticking to the glass during the film pasting process;

4. Film sticking process: if bubbles are found, remove the bubbles, then continue to paste;

For the whole film process, be careful!


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