Photochromic film is an automatic dimming product developed and produced with ITO coating technology and patented technology, which can change the light transmittance with the change of sunlight intensity, achieving automatic dimming function, and at the same time isolate 99% of ultraviolet rays and 80% of infrared rays, a true green product!

The product is easy to apply, easy to install and as easy as regular window film!

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    Dynamic Self-tint shade

    Photochromic film will change color according to the sunlight, in the morning, film will be clear condition, at noon, the fill will change to dark, in the night, the film will change back clear;

    Insulate UV

    UV rejection 99%, supply the protection for you and your home!

    Block IR

    Block almost 80% IR, in summer, the sunlight heat will block in outside, in winter, the home heat will be kept in room;


    The film supply the anti-glare function, let your enjoy the sunlight comfortably;

    Safety Explosion-proof

    Product structure


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