InnoGlass Technology (Qingdao) Co.,Ltd.

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InnoGlass is a professional group company specializing in R&D and production of innovative glass applications. It has a professional R&D team and cooperates with universities and other research institutions to explore new functional glass technologies and continuously break through the performance limits of existing products,provide the perfect product.

InnoGlass Technology (Qingdao) Co.,Ltd.

Now, main product include: switchable PDLC film, thermochromic film, transparent LCD display, etc. Our switchable PDLC film and transparent LCD display have reached the international leading level in various technical performances, and have been mass-produced and sold, and have been sold all over the world and selected by professional customers;

For switchable PDLC glass film, our company has realized mass production of 1.84m ultra-wide liquid crystal film and ultra-thin 0.22mm liquid crystal film. In terms of product voltage, it includes 36V, 48V, 65V and 110V series products to meet different customer needs. The product is highly transparent, safe and energy-saving in terms of product transparency, haze and working voltage.

For transparent LCD display products, independent research and development by the company's technology, has been mass-produced from 21.6-inch to 82-inch LCD screen, our transparent LCD screen products have high transparency, color and other technical advantages; products in advertising display cabinets, appliance refrigerators, Electronic whiteboards, shopping malls and other fields are widely used.

 InnoGlass will continue to adhere to the development of technology as a guide, strict production process quality control system, and constantly develop and produce innovative glass products applications, to achieve new experience and value for customers!

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