Switchable smart film is the best privacy protection product. It can be directly pasted on the glass as self-adhesive film. At the same time, it can be used as the main laminated material to produce laminate smart glass, hollow smart glass, fireproof smart glass, sound insulation smart glass, bulletproof smart glass, etc. it is widely used in office partitions, bathrooms, conference rooms, doors and windows, building curtain walls, etc, It can add the function of intelligent privacy protection on the basis of meeting the basic functions of glass;

Laminated Smart Glass


Laminated smart glass has safer and stronger performance compared with self-adhesive film, product structure: glass + EVA + PDLC film + EVA + glass. The glass can be white or ultra clear, and the glass thickness is 3-8mm; At the same time, the laminated smart glass has good sound insulation function, It can also use the combination of fire-proof glass, bulletproof glass and other special glass to realize the specific special function and intelligent dimming function of building glass products;

We use fireproof glass and PDLC film to laminated the smart product, so as to achieve the function of combining fire prevention and intelligent glass, product structure: fireproof glass + PDLC + fireproof glass, and the fireproof performance can meet 30-90min;

In some bank and other projects with special security requirements, customers hope to combine bulletproof glass and smart glass function, we use special bulletproof film and smart PDLC film to laminated, so as to realize the perfect combination of bulletproof and intelligent privacy protection.

IGU smart Glass


Insulated smart Glass Unit is mainly used for doors and windows, roofs, building curtain walls, etc. product structure: laminated smart glass (glass+PDLC film+glass) + 9A / 12A + low E glass. The product has more energy-saving and environmental protection performance, mainly used on window glass, building glass and so on;

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