Projection film is a kind of plastic film specially used for projection screen. It can be pasted on glass to realize projection display. There have transparent type, color film and so on and can be applied to holographic projection and ordinary projection;

The product is easy to install. It can be pasted on various glass surfaces such as door and window glass, architectural glass and indoor glass by water paste. It can be used in rear projection and forward projection. It is widely used in product display, advertising, etc

High Quality Projection Film
Part NoNot TransparentTransparent
Light Grey(HF)Dark Grey(HF)Milky whiteUltra BlackMirror FilmKorea Film(HF)Korea Film(HT)Japan Film(D-J)
Product Photto
Video TypeHolographic and Normal videoHolographic and Normal Video
ColorLight GreyDark GreyMilky whiteBlackBlack MirrorTransparentTransparentTransparent
Roll size1.52*301.52*30m1.52*30m1.52*30m1.5*30m1.5*30m1.2*30m1.5*10m
view Angle120 degree120 degree120 degree120 degree120 degree150 degree150 degree175 degree
Contrast ratio500:11200:11200:11200:11200:1500:1800:11300:1
Working Temperature (c)0-600-600-600-600-600-600-600-60
Gain value1.
Glue layerYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Light Transmittancenonononono83%70%83%
Projection modeRearRearRear and FrontRearRearRearFront and RearFront and Rear

Projection Gauze

Projection gauze is one type projection gauze film, it is a display form of projection imaging with the help of projection, spotlight and screen. You can use this projection gauze to replace the traditional holographic projection screen, and then the projector projects the dynamic video on the screen, which is conducive to the high light transmittance of the screen and can emerge a dreamy and gorgeous picture.

The advantage of projection gauze is that it can ensure that the picture is still bright, bright and saturated at the same time. The audience can see the objects on the back through the gauze, and can also use the translucent secondary imaging, which is more transparent than the traditional projection screen, and can make the image suspended in the air.



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